AutoBIM involves the development of a cross boundary software plug-in tool to automate Building Information Modelling process, thereby improving BIM adoption and enabling consistencies across practices.

AutoBIM is a two year collaborative Research and Development project, sponsored by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency. Project partners include Balfour Beatty, Leeds Becket University, University of Hertfordshire and White Frog Publishing ltd.


Project Lead

The highly experienced team will lead the project, facilitate stakeholder engagement and support the project with real-life testing of the AutoBIM prototype.


Lead Researcher

Academic specialists in BIM and Construction Informatics, will use big data-analytics and machine-learning to develop and integrate the AutoBIM system.

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Academic specialists will support the development of project implementation framework to facilitate efficient fusion of all the AutoBIM components.

Implementation Lead

Experts in BIM implementation and training will ensure that AutoBIM: addresses industry challenges, complies with standards and is compatible with available BIM tools.