Model health check

Raising industry standards

The AutoBIM Model Health Check is being developed by Balfour Beatty in collaboration with Leeds Beckett University, Hertfordshire University and industry partner White Frog. The software will assist the industry’s design health check procedure and minimise project risk through early identification of missing information. The initial process is to apply a list of recognised parameters and key contractor considerations to common project elements within the BIM model.

Not all the design specification information will reside within the model produced by the designers, nor should it be expected to, but this partially automated process will assist a Design Manager in being able to do their design health checks more consistency and effectively deploying lessons learnt from project to project.

During early engagement, the employer’s information requirements and BIM execution plan define expected levels of information need between collaborating parties. One aspect of the AutoBIM system software is to define what levels of information and geometry are to be supplied into the model by the designers, and at what stages during the project.

System trials will begin in 2021.