Project updates

31st May 2019

Project progress Q1

Stakeholder Expert Workshops have now been completed. This incorporated workshops with key stakeholders to elicit wider domain knowledge to support the research phase. A review of extant literature on machine learning algorithms, BIM Protocols, BIM Standards and big data analytics for Automated naming and population of building information has also been authored.

31st August 2019

Project progress Q2

Following the data gathering phase the team have developed an automated Task Information Delivery Planner and Master Information Delivery Planner (TIDP/MIDP). It was agreed that the Automated Naming Platform (Auto-BIMName) requires a backend system to facilitate unique number for each project task. 
We have developed a prototype of the TIDP/MIDP portal which is being reviewed for comments and input from industry stakeholders – both within and outside Balfour Beatty. 

30th November 2019

Project progress Q3

Further market research, stakeholder engagement and technical data gathering were carried out during this quarter. In preparation for the development of our Automated Learning Platform (Auto-BIMLearn), we have commenced the analysis of quality and non-conformance data as a potential backend database. This is the proposed portal for project diagnostics, based on historic project data and tacit knowledge. 
We also developed the prototype for the Auto-BIMName platform, a portal facilitating file naming in compliance with PAS1192/BS EN ISO 19650. The portal is now being live-trialled, and inputs/feedback from stakeholders are being used to improve its intelligence, functionality and usability.  

29th February 2020

Project progress Q4

As part of our Automated Populate platform (Auto-BIMPopulate) we have developed a Carbon Calculation Tool as a plugin within Revit software. Built on the ICE database, the tool estimates embodied carbon within an asset’s design and tracks this during the iterative design process. Ongoing work will develop a graphical interface that highlights carbon hotspots to the user and suggests alternatives for reducing carbon footprint.

31st May 2020

Project progress Q5


The Carbon Estimator has made significant progress with the alpha version software (build by Leeds Beckett University) in live testing on Balfour Beatty projects. The software is being interrogated against existing consultant methods for carbon estimation and against market leading products, with further market analysis research being undertaken by White Frog Ltd. The beta version software is expected late June/July and will undergo wider trialling for Balfour Beatty customers across the UK. The final release candidate software is due for completion in November 2020 and is intended to form the foundation for a product that can be released to the wider market/industry release. Once a final candidate software is release this will conclude the AutoBIM project scope, but the product may be developed further by commercial partners.


Software progress has been significant developing a platform into where the design management process will be integrated. The logical thought process which supports the Balfour Beatty process development has been included in the software, guiding the user through their required inputs until they reach a summary screen to review the required actions. This ensures that the final product will be a use friendly interface - which is critical to successful implementation. Process clarifications are still ongoing, but attention is now better focused on detailing and agreeing the sub-processes supporting the core processes. Rationalising and simplifying these sub-processes will provide a strong platform for digitisation.